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December 2, 2020
EnerKnol Battery Storage Tracking Table

Declining costs, evolving technology, and changing grid needs are accelerating the pace of deployment of battery storage projects. Regulators seek to spur investments to leverage the multiple benefits of batteries, including the ability to add large amounts of intermittent renewable generation to the system, and to defer or eliminate the need to build new transmission projects and generators to accommodate spikes in electricity demand. Aggressive state and utility decarbonization goals are also driving the need for cost-effective batteries.

Keep on top of the latest battery storage policies and projects by accessing EnerKnol’s Quarterly Tracking Table below. The Table provides a comprehensive, up-to-date snapshot of the U.S. battery storage policy landscape, maximizing the efficient discovery of market risks and opportunities that are presented by the evolving state and federal regulatory regimes. The Table provides summaries of the policies and utility projects as well as links to the dockets and key filings.