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week of Aug. 19, 2019

The EnerKnol Week Ahead returns with a selection of energy policy events discovered using the power of the EnerKnol platform. Coming up next week, Interior's Bureau of Ocean Energy Management prepares to receive bids for millions of acres in the Gulf of Mexico for oil and gas extraction; regulators in Vermont discuss potential fees for electric vehicle charging as the state aims to boost adoption; California continues to mull the details of its wildfire fund as regulators and utilities scramble to deal with the aftermath of the disasters.

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California PUC


Minnesota PUC

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Vermont PUC

Federal Agencies

August 21
BOEM Gulf of Mexico Oil and Gas Lease Sale

The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management will open and publicly announce bids received for 77.8 million acres of unleased areas in federal waters of the Gulf of Mexico for oil and gas extraction. Lease Sale 253 will be the fifth offshore sale under the 2017-2022 Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) Oil and Gas Leasing Program. The Gulf of Mexico OCS, covering about 160 million acres, is estimated to contain about 48 billion barrels of undiscovered technically recoverable oil and 141 trillion cubic feet of undiscovered technically recoverable gas.

Eastern Region

August 19
NY PSC Con Edison Rate Case Hearing

The New York State Public Service Commission will discuss Consolidated Edison Company of New York Inc.’s proposal for a $485 million hike in electric distribution revenues, which would boost customer bills 8.6 percent per year, and a $210 million raise in gas delivery revenues, which would lead to 14.5 percent gain. 19-E-0065

August 21
NY PSC National Grid Natural Gas Rate Case Hearing

The New York State Public Service Commission will receive public input on a request by two National Grid subsidiaries to bump their natural gas rates. In April, Brooklyn Union Gas Company proposed an annual gas delivery revenue increase of about 20 percent, or $237 million, and KeySpan Gas East Corp. sought a $50 million increase to gas delivery revenues, a 6 percent hike. 19-G-0309

August 22
VT PUC Electric Vehicle Charging Fees Workshop

The Vermont Public Utility Commission will investigate potential fees associated with electric vehicle charging in response to this year’s Act 59, which reformed the state’s transportation sector. To meet the goals set forth in the Comprehensive Energy Plan, the state needs 50,000 to 60,000 vehicles by 2025. As of January 2019, there were 2,985 EVs registered in Vermont.

Western Region

August 20
MN PUC NextEra 200MW Wind Farm Hearing

The Minnesota Public Utilities Commission will discuss the draft environmental impact statement for Dodge County Wind LLC’s 200 megawatt Dodge County wind project in southeastern Minnesota. The project consists of 70 planned wind turbines, a 23 mile transmission line and a new electric substation. Dodge County Wind is a subsidiary of NextEra Energy Resources LLC. CN-17-306

August 21
CAISO Electric Storage, Distributed Energy Meeting

The California Independent System Operator will continue its discussion of energy storage and distributed resources. Stakeholder input is being used to develop a plan that will enhance the ability of distributed resources, like rooftop solar, demand response and electric vehicles, to participate in the wholesale market. The grid operator is currently in phase 4 of the discussion, the final stage which will explore refinements to the participation models.

August 22
TVA Integrated Resource Plan Decision

The Tennessee Valley Authority’s board is scheduled to vote on the utility’s 2019 integrated resource plan, which calls for up to 14 gigawatts of new solar and 5.3 gigawatts of battery storage to meet the electricity needs of the seven-state region through 2038. The utility said that the plan is designed to facilitate a more flexible power generation system to accommodate the growing levels of renewable and distributed energy resources while ensuring reliability.

August 22
CA PUC Wildfire Fund Ruling Comment Deadline

The California Public Utilities Commission is scheduled to receive comments on whether it should require certain electrical corporations to collect from ratepayers a non-bypassable charge to support California’s new Wildfire Fund, which is designed to help utilities pay for wildfire damages linked to their transmission equipment. The fund will be financed equally by ratepayers and shareholders from the state’s three large investor-owned utilities. In order to access the fund, companies will have to earn an annual safety certification before the wildfire season.

August 22
CAISO Reliability Service Operations Review

The California Independent System Operator Corporation’s oversight committee for its reliability coordinator service, named RC West, will conduct one of its first meetings after RC West began operations last month. The RC is offering services for 16 balancing authorities and transmission operators in California, including one in northern Mexico. The grid operator expects RC West to offer its services to 24 additional entities after further review by NERC and the Western Electricity Coordinating Council, expanding reliability oversight for 87 percent of the U.S. electricity load in the Western Interconnection.

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