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January 8, 2020
EnerKnol Year Ahead: Five Must-Watch Power Sector Trends for 2020

State measures are transforming the way utilities procure energy in light of continued growth in intermittent large-scale energy, customer-sited generation, and clean energy commitments. Competition among U.S. states eager to take the lead in the nation’s nascent offshore wind sector is bringing the industry to new highs. Battery storage is poised for strong growth with the advent of major policy changes, particularly efforts by the regional grid operators to break down market barriers and state procurement targets. Plummeting costs of renewable energy technologies and dire warnings about the impacts of climate change have prompted elected leaders to prioritize clean energy commitments, with about half a dozen state-level laws enacted in 2019 to establish 100 percent … Read the full report

Key Figures
State commitments to procure offshore wind capacity20 GW
State energy storage procurement goals7 GW
State-level laws to establish 100 percent clean energy transition6