New York Adopts Emission Standards to Phase Out Coal Plants Next Year

Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo on May 9 announced that the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation established regulations requiring all the power plants in the state to meet new emission limits for carbon dioxide. No existing coal-fired sources are expected to continue beyond 2020 under the new rule, as emissions control technology needed for compliance will raise capital and operation costs.

The agency said that the regulation will impact about 690 megawatts of the remaining coal-fired generation in the state. The rule stems from Cuomo’s 2016 State of the State pledge to go coal-free by 2020, and subsequently a directive in 2018 requiring the agency to develop the rules to fulfill it.

The emission rate requirements will ensure that the state’s coal fleet transition to cleaner sources of energy or shut down by 2020. The Governor’s Clean Climate Careers initiative will address the needs of local communities affected by any plant closures and support initiatives to facilitate the shift to clean energy.

The regulations take effect on June 8.