Virginia Governor Signs Executive Order for Carbon-Free Power by 2050

Democratic Governor Ralph Northam signed an executive order on Sept. 17, setting a goal for the state to produce 30 percent of its power from renewable energy resources by 2030 and transition to zero-carbon electricity by 2050.

Legislation enacted last year set a goal of achieving 5.5 gigawatts of wind and solar by 2028. The new order requires at least 3 gigawatts of the target to be under development by 2022. Dominion Energy Inc. has committed to annually procure up to 500 megawatts of utility-scale solar and onshore wind projects through competitive solicitations. The order sets a goal for up to 2.5 gigawatts of offshore wind to be fully developed on an accelerated timeline by 2026.

State agencies and executive branch institutions are required to pursue a goal of procuring at least 30 percent of their electricity from renewable resources by 2022.