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week of Jun. 3, 2019

Before heading out for the weekend, have a look at EnerKnol Week Ahead, our handpicked list of energy policy events and deadlines, brought to you by the EnerKnol Platform. Coming up, members of Congress debate ways to boost the development of grid-scale energy storage; the California wildfire commission considers reforms in the aftermath of deadly wildfires; Minnesota gathers input for its investigation into performance-based rates.

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Maryland PSC

Maine PUC

Minnesota PUC

Rhode Island PUC

U.S. Congress

Virginia SCC

Federal Agencies

June 4
U.S. Congress Grid-Scale Energy Storage Hearing

The U.S. Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources will examine opportunities to boost deployment of grid-scale energy storage. Bipartisan bills on the technology have been piling up in Congress including storage tax credit and millions in funding for research and development.

June 4
U.S. Congress Advanced Nuclear Technology Hearing

The U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works will discuss the nation’s leadership in advanced nuclear power technology. Competition from cheap natural gas has caused difficulties for the nation’s nuclear fleet and has highlighted the need for next-generation, more modular and compact reactors that can still generate large amounts of carbon free electricity.

Eastern Region

June 3
MD PSC Independence Energy Connection Hearing

The Maryland Public Service Commission will discuss Transource Energy’s Independence Energy Connection transmission project. The line will be built in two segments, East and West, totaling approximately 45 miles of transmission line in Pennsylvania and Maryland in order to alleviate congestion and address reliability concerns in the region. According to a recent study by PJM Interconnection LLC, the project will provide $931 million in cost-savings in the first 15 years of service. Construction is expected to begin later this year, with a project in-service date of mid-2020. 9471

June 4
VA SCC Dominion Rate Hike Deadline

The Virginia State Corporation Commission is due to receive comments on Virginia Electric and Power Company’s rate adjustment clause proposing a revenue requirement of $113.6 million to recover the costs of complying with state and federal environmental regulations for the 2019 rate year. The revenue bump is expected to raise residential electric bills by about $2.15 per month. A public hearing will be held on June 11. READ MORE

June 5
ME PUC Net Metering Rules Deadline

The Maine Public Utilities Commission is scheduled to receive final comments on rules related to the reestablishment of net metering for consumers with solar installations. Democratic Governor Janet Mills signed legislation in March doing away with the previous Republican administration’s controversial gross metering policy, which sets a valuation for the entire output of a solar system, whether or not this electricity is consumed on site, on top of several fees for the transmission and distribution of that energy. Under the Democratic trifecta, Maine is set to boost its renewable energy policies and goals. 2019-00076

Western Region

June 4
MN PUC Performance-Based Rates Investigation Deadline

The Minnesota Public Utilities Commission is scheduled to receive reply comments on its investigation into performance metrics, standards and incentives for Xcel Energy. In 2011, the state legislature authorized the regulator to approve multiyear rate plans, which opened the door for exploring more comprehensive PBR mechanisms. The commission set up a stakeholder consultation process with a focus on PBR mechanisms that ensure affordability, reliability, service quality, customer satisfaction and environmental performance, similar to other states that are also investigating these policies. The discussion is happening while Minnesota picks up the momentum in committing to a carbon-free future at state government and utility levels. CI-17-401

June 7
CCWCR Wildfire Cost and Recovery Findings Hearing

The Commission on Catastrophic Wildfire Cost and Recovery will discuss recommendations from its staff report on equitable distribution of costs among affected parties of the catastrophic California wildfires. The task force created by Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom recommends that the state limit the liability that utilities face when their equipment causes fires, reforms to the financial mechanisms for paying wildfire liabilities, changes to housing insurance and the creation of a temporary wildfire victims fund.

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