California Seeks to Improve Community Engagement for Utility Power Shut-offs Ahead of Wildfire Season

The California Public Utilities Commission on April 27 proposed to revise the current guidelines for electric utilities’ Public Safety Power Shut-off, or PSPS, events ahead of the 2020 wildfire season. The revisions include new safety measures that utilities must adopt to better understand and address the needs of affected communities, and minimize the duration and…

EnerKnol’s Visual Primer – New England Grid Operator Proposes Market-Based Solution to Energy Security Challenges

The New England grid operator has proposed a long-term, market-based solution to the region’s energy security problem as the power generation fleet moves towards a mix of energy-limited resources. With the retirement of resources with stored fuel, the system is increasingly reliant on facilities that run on just-in-time natural gas deliveries and weather-dependent wind and solar energy. To address the ensuing challenge, the grid operator proposes to improve the current market structure by creating incentives for the region’s fleet to invest in the energy supply arrangements and technologies on which the region depends.