Visual Primer: Natural Gas Planning Being Reshaped by Policies Centered on Climate-Focused Energy Future

Ongoing state initiatives to transition to a low-carbon future and new actions from the federal level are impacting natural gas utilities’ long-term planning strategies. The challenge for utilities is to adapt to the changing policy landscape, evolving in ways that contribute to decarbonization.

Visual Primer: Renewable Natural Gas Emerging as Utility Decarbonization Strategy

U.S. state regulators and utilities alike are exploring the use of renewable natural gas (RNG) due to its environmental benefits to displace fossil fuels and to support the transition to a low-carbon energy economy. RNG is pipeline-quality methane produced from biomass that is sourced from livestock operations, landfills, and other organic waste.

Visual Primer: State Regulators Scrutinize Gas Utility Planning to Align With Climate Goals

A growing number of states are investigating long-term planning of natural gas utilities to explore cost-effective alternatives that better align with climate policies. Investigation into the future of the gas industry is becoming important to develop strategies that facilitate progress toward a net-zero emissions energy future while safeguarding ratepayer interests and ensuring reliable service.

EnerKnol’s Visual Primer – Mounting Legal Challenges Deal Blow to Major Oil, Gas Infrastructure Projects

A series of setbacks for high-profile oil and gas pipeline projects in the U.S. reveal the difficult climate for midstream projects in the face of growing legal challenges, changing economics, and states’ push to reduce fossil fuels as they embrace clean energy.

Bankrupt Agera Faces Sanctions Amid Failure to Pay $2.2 Million for RPS Compliance

The New Hampshire Public Utility Commission issued a second order on Oct. 2 demanding that retail power supplier Agera Energy LLC make alternative compliance payments totalling over $2.2 million to satisfy compliance with the state’s 2018 renewable portfolio standards. Agera, which filed for bankruptcy with a federal bankruptcy court in New York on Oct. 4th,…...

EnerKnol’s Visual Primer – U.S. to Become Net Gas Exporter by Pipeline in 2019 Amid Jump in Shipments to Mexico

The U.S. is poised to become a net exporter of natural gas by pipeline for the year for the first time ever following a 24 percent jump in shipments to Mexico in 2018 and a build out of new cross-border links set to expand the capacity for flows heading to the southern neighbor.

Court Reinstates Obama’s Arctic Drilling Ban, Draws Criticism from Alaska Governor

The U.S. District Court for the District of Alaska on March 29 overturned President Donald Trump’s executive order issued in 2017 to undo a ban on oil and gas drilling in most of the Arctic Ocean. The court ruled that only Congress has the authority to revoke the ban imposed by former President Obama in…...

U.S. Added Over 31 Gigawatts of Electric Generating Capacity in 2018, Largest in 15 Years: EIA

The U.S. added 31.3 gigawatts of generating capacity in 2018, the largest since the 2003 capacity addition of 48.8 gigawatts, according to a March 11 report from the Energy Information Administration. Natural gas accounted for 62 percent of utility-scale additions, while wind and solar photovoltaic represented 21 percent and 16 percent, respectively. Coal accounted for…...

Venture Global Wins U.S. Energy Department Approval to Export LNG

The U.S. Energy Department authorized Venture Global Calcasieu Pass LLC to export liquefied natural gas equivalent to 1.7 billion cubic feet per day from its proposed export facility in Cameron Parish, Louisiana to non-free trade agreement countries for a term of 20 years, according to a March 5 order. With this project, the agency has…...

FERC Approves Venture Global LNG’s Louisiana Export Terminal, Takes New Approach to Consider Emissions

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission on Feb. 21 cleared Venture Global Calcasieu Pass LLC’s proposed liquefied natural gas export project in Cameron Parish, Louisiana and TransCameron Pipeline LLC’s associated natural gas pipeline. Commissioner Cheryl LaFleur voted for the project commending the commission’s new approach to calculate the direct greenhouse emissions of the project. Commissioner Richard…...

California Approves Battery Installation to Provide Black Start Service at Gas-Powered Plant

The California Energy Commission on Feb. 20 approved the installation of a battery storage system to the Russell City Energy Center, a 600-megawatt natural-gas fired power plant, to provide black start capability. The project consists of installing 6 to 10 megawatts of lithium-ion batteries, which would be used to start the gas turbines, in order…...

SCE&G’s 15-Year Resource Plan Proposes Solar, Gas-Fired Generation Additions

South Carolina Electric & Gas Company proposed two resource plans based on the least cost options from 19 scenarios that were modeled for its 2019 integrated resource plan filed with the South Carolina Public Service Commission on Feb. 8. The plans, which detail resource needs from 2019 through 2033, reflect a shortage in base capacity…...