California Regulator Approves Battery Storage for 760-Megawatt Marsh Landing Natural Gas Plant

The California Energy Commission has approved a battery energy storage system to support the operation of the Marsh Landing natural gas plant in the event of a blackout, according to a March 12 order.

  • The batteries will be used to start the gas turbines and to restart the power plant in the event of a blackout, also known as “black start” capability, in support of the California Independent System Operator’s directed restoration of the electrical grid.
  • The proposed project consists of installing up to 7 megawatts, 3.6-megawatt-hour lithium-ion batteries in 2 metal enclosures.
  • The plant is operated by NRG Energy Inc. and entered commercial operation in 2010. The peaking facility is located near Antioch, California, approximately 50 miles east of San Francisco. The plant was designed with fast-start technology to support the integration of new renewable energy sources that have dominated additions in the state amid ambitious clean energy goals.