Connecting market participants to real-time, comprehensive energy policy

Direct Access to Over 20 Million Policy Filings

One-stop solution to access and track critical policy data needed to advance in today’s transformative energy market

  • Eliminate surprises: streamline energy policies from all State, Federal and Local regulators
  • Track updates: customize automatic policy and profile alerts
  • Gain first-mover advantage: Access 20+ million filings, including rules, notices, tariffs, rate changes
  • Share insight and analysis: Create and share multiple profiles with colleagues and clients

Over 20 million filings direct from government offices, including:

  • Federal Regulatory Agencies
  • U.S. Congress
  • ISOs/RTOs
  • State Legislators
  • State PUCs/PSCs
  • State Energy Offices
  • Local Energy Regulators

U.S. Energy Policy Data: Fragmented, Cumbersome & Inaccessible

Solving the Problem: U.S. Regulatory Landscape

Energy policy information is constantly changing and highly fragmented across thousands of government offices. Market participants waste time and resources, miss investment opportunities, and increase compliance risk by not having efficient access to regulatory information that impacts energy markets.

  • Fragmented: 2,000+ energy regulators
  • Inaccessible: Data organized by government office location, not sector
  • Offline, Inefficient, Profuse