Mission & Background

EnerKnol was conceived to solve an ongoing problem that the energy industry faces: the gap between government and market participants. The industry is highly regulated, and participants are often inhibited by regulatory uncertainty and the operational gap that exists between investors and policymakers. With this particular analyst expertise honed on Wall Street commodities desks, EnerKnol started publishing policy-focused research for the private sector, providing energy market participants with a distilled analysis of what policy matters most to investment decisions.

A Shared Need

But the fundamental problem stalling the energy industry was even more fundamental than a Washington – Wall Street gap: it was a need for information access itself, in an industry that is regulated by more than 2,000 governmental offices across the country, with much overlapping and disjointed governance. Energy markets are regulated by government offices at a federal, state, city, regional, and municipal level, with changing policies and rules constantly coming out from each level, creating a system inefficiency for market participants, and a fundamental information deficiency for the entire industry.

The Technology Solution

EnerKnol is solving this problem today with its enterprise software solution, a one-stop resource for all U.S. energy regulatory information. It’s proprietary technology sources hundreds of daily policy filings from thousands of government offices, in real-time, as they are filed, transforms this policy data universe into a simple, accessible user dashboard that generates automatic, customized alerts so decision makers can manage policy changes across the energy spectrum. EnerKnol is making it simple and easy for market participants to access the policy information they need to hedge risk and identify opportunities in today’s transformative energy markets.

Our Vision