EnerKnol Research

EnerKnol Research is the platform for regulatory insights and market intelligence into U.S. wholesale power markets, alternative energy, the oil and gas sector, electric vehicles, battery storage, smart grid, and beyond.


EnerKnol’s renewable energy research focuses on non-fossil fuel and renewable energy industries, covering major U.S. policy developments and industry trends.

Covering policies and development of renewables, energy storage, hydropower, nuclear power, and smart grid.

Power & Utilities

EnerKnol’s power and utilities research covers all aspects of U.S. energy generation, transmission, markets, and regulations.

Covering FERC, EPA, RTOs, ISOs, and PUCs.

Environmental Markets

EnerKnol’s environmental markets insight provides market participants up-to-date information and forecasts of the U.S. carbon markets and emissions regulations.

Covering RGGI, California cap-and-trade, EPA emissions regulations, Efficiency standards, and Climate change.