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June 22, 2021
EnerKnol Insights: State Legislative Actions in 2021 Lead the U.S. Towards a Low-Carbon Future
Legislative measures enacted across U.S. states in 2021 so far cover diverse policies including renewable energy, emissions reductions, electrification, and grid resilience.

Legislation enacted across U.S. states so far in 2021 reflects the evolving discussion around a wide range of policies ranging from accelerating the transition to cleaner energy and strengthening emissions reduction targets, to enhancing grid resilience, and preempting municipal natural gas bans. Delaware enacted legislation to increase the state’s renewable portfolio standard (RPS) for regulated utilities to 40 percent by 2035, up from the prior target of 25 percent by 2025. Maryland has implemented several changes to its RPS including extension of the eligibility of certain Tier 2 renewable sources. Meanwhile, Montana repealed … Read the full report


Key Figures
Number of measures enacted to revise state renewable energy standardsAt least 10
Actions preventing local bans on utility service based on energy sourceAt least 11