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week of Jun. 29, 2020

The EnerKnol Week Ahead is back to give you the key energy policy events happening next week, all powered by the EnerKnol Platform. Coming up, California discusses offshore wind energy locations off the Central Coast to explore a pathway forward for a viable industry; Washington regulators seek input on implementing the requirements of the Clean Energy Transformation Act, which mandates carbon-free power by 2045; the Tennessee Public Utility Commission investigates additional measures that may be appropriate after the expiration of the pandemic-related emergency.

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Connecticut PURA

Louisiana PSC

Maine PUC

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Tennessee PUC

Washington UTC

Federal Agencies

June 30
BOEM Vineyard Wind Supplemental Review Meeting

The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management will hold a discussion about its supplement to the draft environmental analysis of Vineyard Wind LLC’s 800-megawatt offshore wind project. After a draft assessment in 2018, the bureau decided to undertake the supplemental analysis to understand the cumulative impacts of multiple projects proposed in the region. The expanded analysis assumes that about 22 gigawatts of Atlantic offshore wind development is reasonably foreseeable along the east coast. The meetings will inform the public about the review process, potential impacts, and proposed mitigations of the project. READ MORE

Eastern Region

June 29
TN PUC COVID-19 Additional Measures

The Tennessee Public Utility Commission will discuss additional measures to be taken upon the expiration of the state of public health emergency declared by Governor Bill Lee on March 12 in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic. In response to an emergency petition filed by the Office of Tennessee Attorney General, the commission issued an order on March 31, directing jurisdictional utilities to suspend actions to disconnect service for lack of payment until the state of emergency expires or is lifted. 2000047

June 29
LA PSC Cyber Security Rules Report Comments

The Louisiana Public Service Commission is due to receive comments on a report issued by the commission staff regarding the implementation of physical and cyber security rules for the electric grid. The report contains findings and recommendations following a review of issues related to cyber security threats affecting the state’s utilities, as well as responses by utilities, industry, and government agencies. The staff found that investor-owned utilities have been proactive in the identification and mitigation of threats in cooperation with industry and federal government agencies and organizations. The report recommends mandatory reporting in the event of a data breach with procedures to notify unauthorized access to customer information. R-32702

June 29
CT PURA Method of Payment to Electric Suppliers for Uncollectible Accounts

The Connecticut Public Utilities Regulatory Authority is due to receive comments on whether it is necessary to amend the method that electric distribution companies use to pay electric suppliers for uncollectible accounts. In 2007, the commission issued a decision requiring the distribution companies to create a mechanism to pay suppliers based on bills rendered to customers deducting a percentage that reflects uncollectible bills and overdue payments. The commission noted that purchase of receivables method was established to support a nascent market and spare suppliers from the burden of arrearages, but the market has grown and uncollectibles have risen, including amounts paid to suppliers for accounts with supply rates in excess of standard service rates. 20-01-33

June 30
NY PSC Electric Generation Siting Board Meeting

The New York State Board on Electric Generation Siting and the Environment will consider a suite of renewable energy project proposals including Atlantic Wind LLC’s 100-megawatt Deer River Wind Energy Project and EDF Renewables’ 350-megawatt Genesee Road Solar Energy Center. The board will discuss Canisteo Wind Energy LLC’s petition for rehearing of a permit for its 290-megawatt project to examine certain conditions including a prohibition on construction from April-August to protect grassland birds. The agency will also examine High Bridge Wind LLC’s application to construct a 100-megawatt wind farm and Boralex Inc.’s proposed 120-megawatt Greens Corners Solar Facility. READ MORE

July 2
ME PUC EV Charging Infrastructure Pilots Conference

The Maine Public Utilities Commission will discuss the terms and conditions relating to Central Maine Power Company’s electric vehicle charging pilot. In February, the commission awarded two pilot programs to the company through a solicitation process to support transportation electrification. The company’s make-ready program subsidizes the cost for the installation of Level 2 charging stations, while its rate design pilot implements a two-part demand rate for customers installing L3 fast-chargers. The commission also awarded a pilot to the Efficiency Maine Trust to provide a per plug subsidy in the form of a rebate. Topics of discussion include proposed tariffs in the demand rate pilot, progress on marketing materials, and timing of initiation of the pilots. 2020-00165

Western Region

June 29
WA UTC Clean Energy Transformation Act Implementation

The Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission is due to receive comments on the implementation of certain provisions of the Clean Energy Transformation Act, which requires the state’s electricity supply to be carbon-neutral by 2030 and carbon-free by 2045. The law requires investor-owned utilities to use electricity from renewable and non-emitting generation to meet 100 percent of their retail sales over each multi-year compliance period. The commission specifically seeks responses to the staff’s preliminary interpretation that this requirement pertains to delivery of bundled renewable and non-emitting electricity to retail customers. The staff identifies unbundled renewable energy credits as an alternative compliance option that may be used by a utility to satisfy up to 20 percent of its obligations under the law. UE-191023

July 1
CA EC Offshore Wind Energy Working Group Meeting

The California Energy Commission will host a workshop for the offshore wind energy working group to discuss potential additional offshore wind energy locations off the Central Coast. In response to the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management’s call for information for three areas off California’s coast, the U.S. Department of Defence deemed wind energy to be incompatible with critical activities in the Morro Bay and Diablo Canyon areas. The group is exploring a pathway forward for a viable offshore wind industry. The workshop includes a presentation of visual simulations of floating wind facilities from observation points along the Central Coast. 17-MISC-01

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