New York Grid Operator Anticipates Adequate Resources to Meet Summer Electricity Demand

The New York Independent System Operator Inc. expects to have 41,319 megawatts of power capacity, including in-state generation, imports, and demand response to meet forecasted peak demand this summer, according to a May 28 press release. The grid operator anticipates a peak demand of 32,296 megawatts, which is 86 megawatts lower than the 2019 baseline forecast, but 1.3 percent higher than the 10-year average peak. While COVID-19 has resulted in an 8 to 10 percent drop in the total electricity consumption throughout the state, the situation has not significantly impacted the summer peak load projections due to reopening plans.

Usage of air conditioning in hot summer drives higher power demand on the state’s electric system. The NYISO estimates that the peak demand would increase to 34,210 megawatts under the extreme weather scenario this summer. The grid operator has an operating reserve requirement of 2,620 megawatts in 2020.

The total 41,319 megawatts resources consist of 38,475-megawatt in-state generating capacity from power plants, 1,562-megawatts imports from neighboring regions, and 1,282-megawatt resources from available demand response. In addition, NYISO’s forecast also includes the effect of energy efficiency programs and distributed energy resources, which will moderate the growth of peak load and relieve the burden on the grid.