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week of Dec. 19, 2019

Welcome to the last edition of the EnerKnol Week Ahead for 2019! Coming up next week, New Jersey regulators prepare for a redesign of the state's solar market as it phases out its legacy program; New York tweaks payment obligations under the ZEC program; California studies ways to support the adoption of microgrids as the state juggles increasingly regular wildfires and blackouts. The EnerKnol Research team wishes you Happy Holidays!

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Pennsylvania DEP

Federal Agencies

December 16
DOI Wyoming 2,000 Mile Pipeline Corridor Deadline

The Bureau of Land Management will gather public input on the Wyoming Pipeline Corridor Initiative, a proposal from the State of Wyoming to designate almost 2,000 miles of pipeline corridors across private, state and BLM-managed lands. The initiative would allow for future development of pipelines associated with carbon capture, utilization and storage, as well as enhanced oil recovery. The BLM manages more than 245 million acres of public land located primarily in 12 Western states.

December 19
FERC Monthly Commission Meeting

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission will discuss revised public utility filing requirements for electric quarterly reports, disputes between wind operators and the Southwest Power Pool Inc. as well as federal rules on reliability, security and market operations. AGENDA

Eastern Region

December 16
PA DEP Application Deadline for EV Charger Rebates

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection is due to receive applications for grants and rebates for installation of fast-charging stations and hydrogen fuel cell equipment for zero emission vehicles. These are part of the department’s “Driving PA Forward” initiative that seeks to lower nitrogen oxide pollution from vehicles, which is funded by the state’s share of $118 million from the Volkswagen settlement.

December 17
NJ BPU Solar Program Transition Meeting

The New Jersey Board of Public Utilities will discuss the design of a Solar Successor Program which will replace the legacy Solar Renewable Energy Certificate. The regulator just approved a temporary solar incentive program to bridge the gap, consisting of factorized, fixed-price, 15-year Transition Renewable Energy Certificates (TREC). These will be available to projects that are in the SREC pipeline but which have not yet reached commercial operation at the time the state achieves the milestone of 5.1 percent of electricity from solar under the Clean Energy Act. READ MORE

December 19
NY PSC ZEC Payment Plan Implementation Deadline

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority is scheduled to replace its agreements with load serving entities to reflect the revisions to the ZEC program, which compensates nuclear plants for carbon-free electricity production. On Oct. 21, the regulator released a final plan revising the method used to calculate load-serving entities’ payment obligations under the ZEC program, establishing a flexible, “pay-as-you-go” model based on each entity’s actual load, replacing the previous payment structure that utilized a fixed obligation calculated from the historic proportional share of statewide load. READ MORE

December 20
MD PSC Multi-Year Rate Plan Report Deadline

The Maryland Public Service Commission is due to receive a report on implementing a multi-year rate plan, an alternative rate-setting process that would extend utilities’ approved rates for up to three years. The regulator created a working group in August tasked with developing the procedure. Multi-year plans can combine the stability of traditional ratemaking while allowing adjustments that better reflect the changing energy market, the agency found. The decision paves the way for electric and natural gas utilities to eventually integrate performance-based measures in their rate plans. READ MORE

Western Region

December 17
CA PUC Microgrid Deployment Conference

The California Public Utilities Commission will discuss the commercialization of microgrids for distribution customers of large electrical corporations. Under SB 1339, the PUC, in consultation with the California Energy Commission, and the California Independent System Operator must create standards, protocols, guidelines, methods, rates, and tariffs that serve to support and reduce barriers to microgrid deployment in the state. R1909009

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